Monday, September 30, 2013


My two classes will be writing five papers over the course of the semester.  My Comp II classes just handed in their third paper; I'll be getting the third paper from the Comp I class on Friday. 

We are entering week seven out of sixteen.  Two weeks from today, we have Fall Break (Mon & Tues classes are cancelled); six weeks after that, we have Thanksgiving Break (Wed-Fri classes are cancelled).  The week after Thanksgiving Break is the last week of classes.

This semester is absolutely flying by. 

And a good bit of the reason for that is because my students are freakin' awesome.


  1. Even the ones who dress like ladies of the evening?

    1. Don't have any in my classes this semester. They're everywhere else on campus, but not there.

  2. Yes, it always helps when the students actually try.


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