Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random ramblings

The imp spent a couple of nights with his grandparents.  They were going to take him to a small, town fair near where they live, if they could get a window of dry weather.

I say that, because it has literally rained every day for two weeks.

Our weather has been crazy: highs in the eighties with humidity in the 90% range.  It's gotten to the point where the A/C is keeping up fine with the temps, but having a little trouble with the humidity.  The upholstered furniture feels damp to the touch.  It's made the kids cranky from discomfort, and stir crazy because I can't really let them play outside.  I'm about to the point of taking the kids to the Chick-Fil-A in town for the huge play place our franchise has. 

The pixie is still only starting to potty train.  I'm thinking the pull-ups aren't working so well for her--she doesn't bother trying to get to the bathroom.  She's currently got six pairs of toddler panties, and I'm going to be getting more, because she went through three pairs (wet) before I gave up.

I'm honestly beginning to wonder if she's physically ready for training. 

We've been chucking the dog in her pen to work off some of her energy any day we've got enough time when it's not actively raining.  It's a muddy mess, with cut grass added to the morass.  Odysseus mowed the yard last week (had to stop with each round and unclog the mower--wet grass doesn't mow well, but there's been no day dry enough for it to dry out), and threw a lot of the cut grass into the dog's pen.

He'd hoped that it wouldn't rain for at least a couple of days, so that the grass could dry out, but that didn't happen.

Cricket's been falling off the cat tree head first, lately.  She gets up, rolls and flops around, and forgets that she's not as small as she used to be, and falls.  I've moved the cat tree to where she falls onto the couch, not the floor.  She doesn't have the brain cells to spare.

Shadow has slimmed down from when we switched her to adult cat food.  I don't know if it was too early (even though she was a month past her first birthday), or if it just wasn't the right nutrition balance for her, but we switched the cats back to kitten food.  Shadow quit eating so much, and started playing more.  And started having trouble with hairballs.  Thank goodness she likes the hairball treats.

Well, I've got the course policy statements written for both classes, the course schedules (though I need to tweak the one for the Comp II course a bit), and the textbooks (again, need to go through and revise the one for Comp II).  Next step is to fight with class enhancement platform (same as the distance learning platform) and get them loaded.  I'm expecting that to take an hour or two.  The site goes live on Friday or Saturday of next week.  And we start classes on the 19th.

I'll have about two weeks before the first papers start coming in.  I'll see if I can get at least a couple more stories done.

Two more copies of The Last Pendragon sold.  Last month netted me about twelve or fourteen dollars in book sales; the month before was a little bit more, but not much.  May was awesome, but that was when Pendragon came out.  

I'm thinking of creating flyers with links to my author page to scatter around campus (after I get them stamped by the proper nitwits on campus to keep them from being thrown away whenever they're found).  Maybe it'll work to help...


  1. The only time we trusted my young children with their grandparents, grandma went to sleep on the porch and my son wandered off down the road in his diapers. Some lady pulled up in a van and had him in there. She asked my wife "do you know who this child might belong to, he was in the middle of the street."

    Animals can be hard to take care of. Just before I read your blog I was complaining to my wife about how I have to take care of all the damned baby cats and their mothers don't do a thing to help. Can't just let them die of neglect, though.

    1. There's a good reason my mother is not permitted to have the kids overnight, and it's not just that she's got no safe place to put them to sleep.

      Odysseus's parents are great. The imp spends a couple nights with them a couple times per month. The pixie is just about ready for more regular overnight visits.

      My critters take time and energy, but I think they're worth it. Both of my cats and my dog have been spayed. The cats are indoor-only critters (and excellent mousers--I only find evidence of mice in the litter box, mostly digested), and the dog gets brought in before we go to bed.

      I think I've had one mama cat voluntarily abandon her kittens, and that was because both she and her kittens were terminally ill. All the rest of the abandoned litters I've dealt with were because their mamas got hit by a car on the busy dirt road I grew up next to. And yes, very small kittens are a damned pain to take care of.