Thursday, August 8, 2013

Problems and stress relievers

My beloved Odysseus discovered that the scope on my Mauser had shifted in the scope rings.  I'd initially set it at a bit of an angle--I have breast tissue that gets in the way of shouldering it absolutely straight--but he'd noticed that it was even more "wonky" than I'd deliberately set it.

So...I have to go to the range, today.  I'm busting my ass to get the last of my 101 schedule put together so that I can go shoot, guilt free. 

All in all, forty rounds of .308, put through a bolt action rifle with a five round internal magazine should be a nice couple of hours of relaxation. 

Back to the grind.  I gotta get this done.


  1. Have fun. Range time is always rejuvenating.

    1. I'm glad I've got a ton of .308 and 7.62 x 39. I am so out of practice (three years) it's not funny.