Thursday, August 1, 2013

All of my animals are strange.

The dog hates lawnmowers and vacuums, and will strain to attack them whenever they're in use. 

My cat, Cricket, hates hairbrushes like that. 

We found a good, detangling hairbrush for the pixie.  Her hair is very fine, silky, and curly--which means it tangles really easy.  The brush has short, soft bristles of several different lengths, which pick the tangles out without pulling.

The cat hates, hates, HATES that hairbrush (as she does all hairbrushes, but that's the only one that resides in the living room).  She goes fuzzy, arches, hisses, growls, hops sideways, and beats the shit out of it whenever she finds it. 

And she found it on the coffee table a couple of days ago.  Beat the shit out of it, and scared the pixie with all the growling and hissing.  Pixie came running to me in the kitchen, shaking and crying: "Cricket mad.  Cricket being mean to my brush."

So, I go pick up the brush, carry it into the bathroom, and set it down on the counter.  I turn to leave, just in time to see the cat jump up onto the counter to continue beating on the brush.  So, not only will the cat beat the shit out of the brush when it's in the living room, but will follow the brush into another room to continue the beat-down.

I ended up having to rescue the brush from being slapped into the toilet, take it, and hide it before the cat would calm the fuck down.

The pixie was still half-scared of the cat for most of the day yesterday, even though Cricket was back to her normal, goofy, affectionate self.


  1. Our cat bandit always attacks our vac. the others could careless.

    1. Shadow doesn't get that way about brushes. Just Cricket. And both cats run from the vacuum. Shadow just likes to stare at the dog from just out of the dog's reach (prompting the dog to get revenge when she can).