Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random rambling

It's been a busy day.  We had some shopping to do, and took the kids to the park since we have swarms of mosquitoes in the back yard half as big as the car--the swarms, not the bugs.  Odysseus is planning to take the kids to the park fairly often, this upcoming fall semester.  It'll give them a chance to run around like crazy, so that they might act out less when he's the one watching them while I'm teaching.

After that, it was nap time, then time to clean up the house a bit for company. 

Tomorrow, it's off to my mom's for her birthday.

I've figured out a game with the imp that he really likes.  He's got a rug that's divided into squares with letters of the alphabet (and an image of something that begins with the letter) on it.  I've been telling him sounds--"rrrr, like rrrabit"--and having him jump on the letter and tell me which one it is. 

It's working better than the flash cards.  The next step will be to tell him the letter and have him make the sound as he jumps on it.

The pixie likes playing, too, but she's a lot more random about which square she jumps on.

Speaking of the pixie, she got her hair washed tonight.  Sometimes, I forget how very long it is.  The curls keep it just below the tops of her shoulders.  When it's wet, it reaches about mid back. 

She doesn't look like a baby, anymore.  She looks like a little girl. 

It's gonna be a little strange, leaving the house and the kids to go to work Monday morning.  I have been a work-from-home mom for almost five years, now.  I'd arranged, back in fall of '08, to teach my sections of Comp II as enhanced classes--with materials online, but still face time in the classroom--because the imp was due just before the last week of classes.  We wound up transitioning early because he came right about midterms for the non-comp classes. 

Who knows.  Maybe it'll be a little easier, having six hours on campus to grade stuff, and be able to keep work and home life a little more separate, and teaching and writing just as separate.


  1. Where're you gonna hide the flask when you're grading?

    1. I'll have two weeks to think about that before the first paper is due.