Friday, August 9, 2013

FFOT: more misc.

Parents who refuse to rearrange their lives around their kids can fuck off.  If they didn't want to be inconvenienced, why, for fuck's sake, did they have children to begin with?

People who continually make really bad choices, and expect to never have to face the consequences of their actions can fuck off so hard that their ancestors start kicking their ass when they die because of the violation they felt. 

Two of my aunts in particular can fuck off.  One of them married a succession of idiots (one mortgaged her paid-off place to buy a bar...then proceeded to drink the profits, and refuses to abide by the divorce settlement to pay it off; the other took out credit cards in her name, and maxed them out...then started beating on her, and refuses to abide by the divorce settlement to pay them off), and whines about never having enough money to live on because she spends it on debt payments and stupid crap that she doesn't know how to use.  The other?  Yeah, the other is enabling this behavior.  She's not paying her own debts and loans, so that she can give money to the first aunt. 

Both of those aunts are raising my mother's stress levels and blood they can fuck off. 


  1. If you lived here, and ate lots of food fried in lard and bacon grease like we do, you'd be dead of a stroke by now.

    I have days like that, where I get so frustrated and angry I think I'm just going to keel over. I actually worry that it will happen outside when nobody is here, and I'll be paralyzed. Then the chickens will eat me alive and peck out my eyeballs. :-(

    1. Maybe in ten more years. I'm still half a decade away from my forties, and galbladder problems forbid a whole lot of fatty that I can splurge on bacon fried potatoes once in a while.