Friday, August 30, 2013

FFOT: fallout

Yesterday, a friend of mine was hospitalized because of changes to her insurance.   It's insisting that, for maintenance medicines like her diabetes testing supplies and insulin, she cannot use a local pharmacy, and must mail order three months' worth of her prescriptions at a time.  And neither the doctor's office, the insurance company, nor the mail order pharmacy are cooperating.  She ran out of both her meds and her testing supplies a week ago.

The same friend that went off about how her Aspie fiance should just man up and grow up, and learn to deal with changes and disappointments is now saying that my friend should have just done something and stayed on the insurance company, doctor's office, and pharmacy until she got what she needed, and that it was her fault for not, and her fiance's fault for not being able to find a job so that they can afford more.

It's not my friend's fault that her insurance changed.  It's not her fiance's fault that he can't find a job.  There is one thing behind both problems: the "Affordable" Care Act. 

And it's not just them, either.  Angel's also facing similar fallout in wanting to continue caring for her daughter.  

The authors of that particular ass-rape of a bill can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off.  May they contract physical halitosis to match that of their spirits.  And may they be forced into a position where they face the consequences of their own horrible law, from really bad medical care to having their hours cut or their jobs eliminated. 


  1. The people with the "Gimme" mentality, with the "I'm owed it even though I don't want to work for it" attitude are partly to blame for stuff like Obamacare, so they can FTFO.

    They can also FTFO for snarling up the grocery store lines while they argue with the cashier about what their WIC dollars will and will not buy. WIC is so your kids won't starve because of your bad choices, person, it's not so you can get what you want to eat for yourself.

    And, unrelated but: douchebags who park their big trucks ACROSS two parking places close to the store when it's 105 degrees out, thus taking away a parking space from someone else and forcing people to walk from BFE to get to the store, they can FTFO. They're lucky I'm not the kind of person who "keys" cars but damn was I tempted yesterday afternoon when I saw the big-ass truck stretched across the two closest non-handicapped spaces.

    (Also: people without a valid handicap who park in handicapped spaces can FTFO.)

  2. I vote for having their jobs eliminated...or at least I will, as soon as I possibly can.