Thursday, August 1, 2013

My son, the smartass.

My imp asked me for something a little bit ago.  I told him, "Give me a minute," because I was working on something.  So, he pretends to hand me something, and says, "Here's your minute."

I guaranteed it was going to happen again, because I made the mistake of cracking up laughing.


  1. Better to be a smart ass then a dumb ass

    1. Yep, as long as he doesn't emulate Jim Carey.

    2. Rob--he's incredibly smart, and already grasping irony and sarcasm. He'll be five in October.

      Jess--nah. He's too smart and independent minded for that. And he looks at people who carry guns as people to be trusted, not feared and loathed.

  2. It's impossible to tell where he gets this sarcastic streak. I mean, you're both so strait-laced...


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