Friday, August 23, 2013

FFOT: another list

Wearing heeled boots after five years of nothing but combat boots or tennis shoes is killing my feet and legs.  Especially after being on my feet in the classroom for nearly two hours straight for two days this week.  And that pain can fuck right the fucking fuck off. 

The "Affordable" Care Act can also fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off--just on the sheer principle of the things.

Angel's soon-to-be-ex-husband can fuck off with a cricket bat tipped with a cheese grater.  Reasons why are in the comments. 

Terrorists, physical or cyber, can fuck off.  May their 72 virgins all be clones of Helen Thomas, or demons with cocks the size of a Buick studded with backwards-facing spines.  Or maybe alternates, so that they never get used to the utter horror.

Assholes that kidnap and kill little girls.  Hopefully, the bastard gets the death penalty.  There should be laws passed that if someone kills a kid, they die within however long that child's life was.  By the same methods. 


  1. The "new normal" - where we are unsure about everything, where part-time is the new full-time, where people are constantly told to "do more with less" - and those who have perpetrated that upon us, can both FTFO with extreme prejudice.

    (I'm still dreading what is coming with our insurance re-enrollment period, especially now that at least one university is talking about doing health micromanagement of its faculty. Want me to develop an eating disorder you will have to pay to have treated? Hound me mercilessly about my weight being 25 pounds too high even though I strive to eat a healthful diet and exercise. But I can see it happening.)

    1. We bought our own plan six years ago, the year before we started trying for the imp. We're grandfathered in, but oh, God, the poor doctor's offices! And the crap they've got to do, whether your insurance is grandfathered in or not!

      And I flat out refuse to "do more with less." I literally cannot. I've only got a shoe-string, now. What, do they want me to use a dental floss budget? Wait...never mind.

  2. It's strange how many people did posts expressing exactly the same sentiments in the last few days. Perhaps in less colorful terminology, but the basic premise is the same. I would agree with you, and them. Things get worse and there doesn't seem to be a kill switch to stop it.

    As the line in the old science fiction movie went: "Eat more recycled food. It's good for the government and it's O.K. for you."

    Having been born in the early 1950's, I can remember times when life was a lot better in this country. It's not so bad for my wife and me, but I hate it for my kids. By the time they are my age, I think life here will be straight out of an H.G. Wells novel. The Morlocks will be running the show.

    1. Life was better even twenty years ago than it is today.