Sunday, August 11, 2013


I found a mistake in my course schedule for my Comp II class yesterday, and had to redo the last half of the class's due dates.  And then revised the textbook to add an appendix of commonly used templates (the workshop/peer editing questions, the organization worksheet, and how to cite your sources).  I got the Course Policy Statement, the course schedule, and textbook printed for Comp I, then started to print all of that for Comp II...and the toner ran out. 

Odysseus is going to change the toner today.  And then, I'm gonna print the rest of my class stuff.  I'll try to get it posted to the online platform tonight after the kids go to bed.

Then, I have the rest of the week to do whatever.


  1. My wife is leaving today for the town where she teaches. She stays with her mom there during the work week. They moved her from the elementary school to the High School this year because of some bizarre law our legislature passed. The district had to juggle all the teachers around as a result. It never stops.

    1. Boy, am I ever glad that my Masters in English doesn't qualify me to teach at the public school level!