Friday, August 2, 2013

ffot: miscellaneous

A late night followed by an early morning starting a long day can fuck off, as can I for not getting to bed earlier than I did.

A good friend who refuses to hear how autism spectrum disorder is different from his own physical disability, and that an inability to cope with change isn't the same as his own refusal to grow the fuck up can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off.  My son, while not on the spectrum, has much in common with autistic or Aspie kids, and I have a very good friend with Asperger's, bordering on full autism.  My friend's refusal to listen to how changes in routine damages their ability to cope with anything nearly had me telling him to fuck off and don't bother visiting while he's in the area, even though he lives in New Hampshire, and I haven't seen him for two years. 

And my dog can fuck off for refusing to shit when we took her out twice before breakfast. 


  1. Sounds like your frustration rating is a bit high today.

    1. Just a bit, yes. There may be alcohol consumed after the kids go to bed tonight...and my husband doesn't drink.

    2. I feel that way sometimes. But I am always afraid if I let that genie out of the bottle I won't be able to put him back in. So I stick to a pipe. (Tobacco, just so there's no misunderstanding. ;-)


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