Monday, August 26, 2013

Interesting inversions...

Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other. --Marquis de Sade

Strange, isn't it?  Two hundred and fifty years ago, the appetite that was restrained and veiled in false modesty was sex; today, our society flaunts sexuality, and treats the hunger for food, good food, as something to be ashamed of, something to hide. 

Today, on campus, I saw a girl with a six inch long skirt.  No, not six inches below her butt--six inches from the waistband (which exposed nearly down to her pubic mound) to the hem.  She wore a teeny-tiny halter top over it, exposing from the bottom of her rib cage to way below her belly button, and four or five inch stiletto heels.  Slim, yes, and pretty.  Told her friends that she would only have a water because she'd eaten breakfast. 

BREAKFAST!!  It was almost ONE O'CLOCK when she walked through the coffee shop.  Displaying her sexuality as if she were a walking advertisement for how she was paying for college!

I've been approached by random women just dying to tell me about this diet that I should try.  Told that I should avoid desserts by family members (I rarely eat them, anyway--prefer fresh fruit, to be honest).  Told that I shouldn't drink soda (I don't) or calorie-laden coffee drinks (I drink it black) by well-meaning puritanical acquaintances. 

Yet you see soft porn being enacted in public, by both gay and straight couples. 

I agree that we should be allowed to satisfy one appetite with the same lack of restraint or false modesty as the other, but I'd rather not see the other, either, to be honest.


  1. And I would say, expect more of that food-shaming, "don't eat this" attitude - and governmentally-sponsored - as the ACA rolls out.

    I get hungry. I like good food. (And by "good," I also mean "real" - none of those crap diet shakes or chemicals-in-a-box). It puzzles me to be told that that appetite is wrong, but if I were dry-humping my boyfriend on a street corner, that's just fine and dandy.

    1. I have no real sense of shame about food. Especially not about food that I've cooked from scratch. No more than I have any shame about sex.

      Then again, I do have manners. I don't eat like a slob in public (i.e., food and/or sauces splattered everywhere, like I do sometimes at home with very messy but tasty finger food--like barbecue ribs), nor do I have more than mental foreplay in public, because both are freakin' gross to watch.