Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Y'know, when I first heard that radical feminists defined all heterosexual sex as rape, I thought it was an oversimplification of a more complex position. 

Apparently not

I'm assuming that this a case of chicken/egg: did that particular woman become a radical evangelical feminist lesbian because she had really, really bad consensual sex with a whole bunch of dirt bags that cared not a whit about her (possible), or is that the only kind of man she can possibly attract because she's a radical, militant, evangelical feminist (also possible)? 

Either case, saying that women's bodies are designed for childbirth, but never for sex (which is a whole lot more fun, btw), and that penetration causes far more damage than giving birth, illustrates both that she's never had really good sex with a man who loves her and cares about how it goes for her, and that she's never had a child.

This is the kind of person who deserves either pity or mockery.  Or perhaps both at once. 

via Captain Capitalism


  1. The alligator-mouthed bitch has appointed herself pro tempore of the National Man Haters Club. And, by the looks of the comment section she is not the only PIV nutjob, dang.


    1. I also read the comments, unfortunately. As a woman, I find it insulting that other people think that I have no right to decide on what's good for me, that I don't have the mental capacity to realize when I'm being manipulated.

      (for the record, I think they are the ones being manipulated, by a virulently evil ideology)

  2. A good therapist could plan their retirement with that woman.

    1. And an unscrupulous one could make enough for a yearly, month-long tour of Europe.