Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh, noes!

Someone was spotted walking onto campus in a dark gray fleece jacket, and dark gray sweats, with a fedora.  I guess he (I assume) was carrying an umbrella on a dry day, because somebody lost rectal continence, and called the campus rent-a-cops to report a "suspicious" person between two of the residence hall apartment buildings (prime pathway for somebody who lives in one of the apartments just off campus to take in heading to class).

Or maybe the cranially incontinent witness simply thought that the individual might be armed because they were wearing a fedora.  Indiana Jones, y'know.

Hopefully, the individual in question was the first one inconvenienced when they locked down the dorms.


  1. I favor a Panama hat, myself. But I suppose in that case, I'd be reported as potentially carrying a machete.

  2. Probably. These twits aren't known for being level-headed.

  3. Lifestyle profiling! They went after Mr. Fedora because he was a hipster!