Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. King would be disgusted.

Not only has culture moved in the opposite direction from what he'd hoped to see (actually judging people by the color of their skin), but the socialists have claimed him as a patron saint.  

He wasn't a socialist.  He believed it was the responsibility of each individual to help their neighbors, not the responsibility of the government to put a gun in each of our faces, and take money from some to give to others. 

Classes have been canceled on campus, today.  Government offices are closed (though, that isn't a bad thing), banks are closed. 

From what I've read of his writings, Dr. King was a man who saw every person he met as equal before God, no matter their color or socioeconomic status.  He did judge people not by the color of their skin nor yet by their income or their politics, but by their actions and their beliefs.  What we have is a culture that doesn't just judge people by the color of their skin (elevating black above white in the name of making things "fair" by reversing what was "unfair" rather than just changing what was "unfair"), but by their politics.  What we have today in his "honor" would disgust him, if I'm judging him right.


  1. I think the good Dr. would be kicking some ass about now. I wonder what he would think of all this putting of the stupid into college because they are a certain race. And the concept that the liberals have that "everyone" should go to college. Are we going to end up with a bunch of college educated ditch diggers?

    1. No, because they just won't do that, even though it's all they're suited to.

      On the other hand, my imp, who is very smart, would rather drive a train, or run a digger, or build roads and bridges than sit inside more than he has to. And I'm pretty sure my pixie's biggest ambition will be to be a stay-at-home mom, judging by her interactions with her baby dolls.