Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gonna be busy, today

I have my early chores mostly done (take care of dog, take care of pixie breakfast), but I have a huge, long list of stuff I still have to do--tomorrow is my long day.

I'm hoping to get more decluttering done in the living room, and get it straightened up a lot more, especially around my corner of it. 

I have to get the kitchen cleaned up--again.  I cleared the table off a bit over a week ago, and it's collecting more stuff.  Same with my counters.  I do not know how it happens: one minute, everything is organized and straightened, and the next, I can't see my flat surfaces.  I swear it happens as soon as I turn my back.  While most of the living room mess is caused by my children, the kitchen isn't a play room, and I don't know how it happens in there.

While I'm working on this, Odysseus will be working on his accounting degree: he's got classes today.  After he's done with class, I really want to go out for lunch with my husband and daughter.  We also really need to hit Sam's Club.

Last, but not least--we found a Honda Passport that we need to take to the mechanic, and see if it's worth buying.  We have an appointment to do that at 2:30.  I'm going to try to find someone to watch the pixie while we do that.  If I can't find someone...well, then it's just going to be Odysseus going.

I think tomorrow's class and office hours will be a relief.    

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