Sunday, January 26, 2014


I'm tired of the weather shifts--today was around sixty, then the wind shifted direction and picked up, and the temperature plummeted.  Tomorrow's high will be around forty degrees cooler.  My hands are killing me.

I'm tired of the kids' antics.  The imp threw three or four temper tantrums today--all before lunch.  Then, after lunch, I sent him out to play.  TinCan Assassin's Progeny came over to play, and the imp threw two more loud, screaming, squalling tempter tantrums.  After the second, I put him to bed. 

Eventually, he got up and went back which point he threw another one when I called him over to ask what he wanted for supper.

The pixie has had an excuse for her behavior, today: she's been irritable because her ears hurt most of the day, and she's three years old.  The imp?  As far as I excuse.  Just really terrible behavior. 

And I'm really, really tired of it.

Here's hoping it's allergies, and that the Allegra works for him.

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