Friday, January 17, 2014

Busier than I thought I'd be...

Progeny was awesome.  She kept the kids off in their rooms playing with her (and not fighting) all afternoon.  I got the dishes done, the laundry done, the table nearly completely unloaded*--which was a day-long job--and a dinner fixed for everybody that was ready at about too dark for TinCan Assassin and his other half to transfer their stuff from the trailer to their new apartment.**

Tomorrow, I'm borrowing Progeny again while they finish that I can work towards finishing the work on the table, and in the laundry room (and, incidentally, they don't have to worry about dropping an appliance on her).

*The table was stacked more than two feet deep under...stuff.  Some stuff went in the trash.  Some was repaired as I went (books that needed packing tape wrapped around their spines) and handed to the nearest small child to take and put away.  The rest will likely go back on the table, once I have it cleaned, and have a vinyl tablecloth put on it to protect the surface.

**Half of a house, really.  They've got the bottom half, and someone else is renting the top.

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