Wednesday, January 29, 2014

speaking as someone who has been there...

This idea that people who commit suicide are victims is bullshit.  I understand that they're in black despair, but they are still capable of making that choice not to.  Not to make the most cowardly and selfish choice to put their families through the pain of losing them. 

I just read an article that I will not link because it is such bullshit that claims that one doesn't commit cancer, or a heart attack, and so one doesn't commit suicide because that is also a death caused by an illness.


It is not the same. 

Yes, depression is horrid.  I know.  I have been there.  I have held the knife in my hands, with the blade set on my wrist.  I chose not to.  I chose to live.  I chose not to be a selfish coward. 

Committing suicide is not an involuntary action.

It is a choice.  A stupid, selfish, cowardly act.  It is not simply a death caused by disease  Depression alone won't kill you--if you die, it's because it was the result of a choice.  One that's only justifiable in a very few circumstances.*

*Chronic pain that isn't treatable under our current draconian prohibition laws is one.  Coming back from war crippled and in constant, high-grade pain from wounds sustained is another.   Last, but not least, terminal illness is also justifiable.  Nothing else. 


  1. this post started to anger me till I read your caveat at the bottom. It is good to know that if I decide to end my life voluntarily I meet with your approved criteria.

    1. If you choose to end your life, you choose to end your life. It is your choice. It is not an illness that takes it from you. That was my point, and what so infuriated me about the whole article.

      I have been there. It IS a choice. Otherwise, I wouldn't still be here.

    2. a feeble attempt at being facetious! I have stared into the abyss, boy it was sure dark! ha ha ha ha ha

    3. Very much so, yes. But it doesn't take away your choices; it only gives the illusion that it has.

  2. I've had two relatives take their lives and a close family member that made the attempt. They had choices and they made choices that can only be described as selfish, more than damaging and left scars. A family never really recovers from such things and some are completely torn apart.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. I had an uncle by marriage who did twenty years ago, and my aunt is still floundering.


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