Sunday, January 12, 2014

All done.

Learned something interesting from tearing out the carpet halfway up the bathroom: there are three distinct patterns of linoleum flooring in there.  There's the new one they put in in front of the toilet and tub, the older one they covered up, and a third one under the closet area (which used to be a laundry area. 

And, not too long after finishing the cleanup, the pixie sharted, and ended up smearing it all over herself, her potty chair seat, and the front of her potty chair in the process of getting her undies off.  So, I finish cleaning the stale poop that had soaked into the carpet and pad off of the floor, and have to turn right around and clean up fresh poop.

Someday, my time will not be spent cleaning poop up from places where it's not supposed to be...

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