Thursday, January 2, 2014

Long day yesterday, but good.

We visited my mother for their Christmas visit, yesterday (the kids were both down sick on Odysseus's last day off).  We could not avoid my relatives, unfortunately.  I tried. 

The kids kinda made out like bandits...for which I wanted to slap all of my aunts stupid.  Not one of those people have enough to spend what they spent on the kids*.  At all.  My mother was only a tiny bit better.

I was much happier with what Odysseus and I were given: four big freezer bags full to the brim with cookies, and another with home-made brown and serve rolls.  A basket full of apples, with a brick of sharp, white cheddar, and a gift pack of crackers and two types of summer sausage.  Stuff either cheap, or home-made. 

Best about it is that it's over, and I don't have to see these people again until next Christmas.

*Yes, I do begrudge gifts given when the giver is using money I paid in as taxes, thank you very much.  Especially when I hear a constant litany of complaints about how the government isn't taking enough from me to give to them, when they have a higher income than I do.

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