Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, crap.

The imp took a four hour nap.  Didn't wake up until I went to wake him up for supper.  Ate well, and was a cheerful little boy all evening.  Even went and cleaned his room without whining. 

I opened the box that our vacuum came in...and discovered that I can't get it put together with helpers, and can't try to without, as long as they're up.  And when they're not...I can't make too much noise without them waking up, and trying to come in to help (no, I haven't tried this evening--that's something I learned through long experience, and why I've developed ninja silence while doing housework during naptimes and evenings after bedtime). 

So the floor didn't get vacuumed, today.  Maybe Monday.  Tomorrow's going to be busy enough already.

Everything else got done, so I'm not too disappointed.

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