Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holy crap, this thing sucks!

Our Bissell upright bagless vacuum (like this one, only green) bit the dust right before Christmas.  It had a detachable canister for cleaning up messes in tight corners that the vacuum couldn't reach.  I thought it was a good vacuum, before the motor burned out.  I thought it got the carpets clean enough. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

We bought a new vacuum, last week--this one--and Odysseus and I got it put together this afternoon, right before the kids went to bed for their naps.  I went ahead and vacuumed the kids' rooms, which hadn't been vacuumed since just before Christmas.

You'd think that the kids' rooms hadn't been vacuumed in a year, judging by how much the new vacuum picked up.

Same with the hall. 

I've had to empty the dirt cup twice already, and tap the dirt out of the washable filter.  And I still have the living room and our bedroom to go. 

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