Saturday, January 4, 2014

random ramblings

So, we (or rather, Santa, since we told the kids we couldn't afford them) got the kids each an InnoTab 3 for Christmas.  The cartridge that came with them were fun for a while, but they quickly got bored.  We got them each a new cartridge* (and got a battery pack for the imp and a pair of sturdier headphones for the pixie), and ended up with the perfect car toy: they'll play with them forever, and best of all, they're quiet and not fighting. 

We tested it on the disastrous trip up to my mother's that revealed the issue that we'd likely had for a while, now.  Our mechanic says that there's likely been some sort of stop leak used before, possibly more than once.

The pixie is exactly between sizes: 3T is slightly too small--too short in sleeves and pants legs--and 4T is still a little too big.  4T dresses work fine, and so do sweats and stretchy leggings; however, jeans are another matter. 

The imp...has slowed down on his growth by a lot.  I'm honestly thinking it's more because I can't get him to eat enough to fuel his growth and his high-energy playtime.  I've tried adding sweets (he won't eat them), and chips, but no dice: it seems that every time I add more to his diet, he ramps up the energy in his playtime and burns it right off.  But he is starting to outgrow his size 5 clothes--everything is just on the verge of being too short.

Shadow the cat has taken to acting as Odysseus's fuzzy alarm clock, lately.  Both cats have determined that our bedroom door can be knocked open by a determined effort (the idiots that put the door in used nails to fasten the latch plate to the door facing...which split the entire door facing...and caused the plate to go poof).  Cricket will pound on the door until it falls open, but Shadow's a lot quieter: she raises up on her haunches, puts her front feet as high as she can, and then put weight on the front feet.  Door comes open, and she goes and hops up on the bed and starts demanding pets.

The dog has gone stupid-spastic: every time she sees a squirrel, she charges.  She's got that super-long leash, now, so she gets some real momentum built up by the time she hits the end of it.  I've learned to toss the leash out onto the porch and shut the storm door so that I don't end up either flat on my face on the porch, or with a sore shoulder from jerking her up. 

School starts back up a week from Monday.  I need to go back in and add the basic how-to chapter on using Blackboard back into the textbook.  I'm irritated that I have to do that, but they claim they can't figure out the system and how it works...while playing with their iPhones to do research on their papers (they love that I let them do that--say it makes writing a lot easier when they can just turn aside during the work times and look something up right then, before they forget it.  And mostly, they don't abuse the privilege).

I'm back to working on Pendragon Resurgent.  I'm having to reread it to get back into the character's head so that I can write.  It's slow going--mostly because I read a bit, then toss it aside in disgust.  I'm going to have to start over, and start editing and revising as I go, I guess. 

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