Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You know...

Whiskey is a wonderful de-stresser while grading easy busywork that the students can't seem to read the instructions to and get right.


  1. I agree! When life gets mean and the world seems to growl, my blood pressure goes up and I need to calm down. Fix a Scotch and soda and relax a bit until all seems right with the world again.

    Not often, but there are times.


    1. I usually take my Scotch either neat or with a bit of water--my bourbon, too.

      It also works quite well when the arthritis I seem to be starting to get in my hands acts up.

    2. Holly,

      If you are not talking fish oil I suggest you take a look at it. I am old as sin now, but mostly live pain free. Been taking fish oil...2500mg/day...for years. It is a blessing. Darn sure eases the issues with arthritis.

      Like my daddy before me I prefer 7-up as a mixer for my Scotch. And out of all the brands available, I am a Ballantine's 12 year old fan. Sister and I were naughty as teens and I have never since been able to touch bourbon, LOL.


    3. I tried it about six or seven years ago (my right knee had a sports injury that used to be worse), but it made me sicker than you'd believe, and very little is worse coming back up. I've since tried Glucosamine and Chondrioten (sp?), and haven't had any results from that.

      Alcohol it is. I've only found one better painkiller, and that's not legal in the state of Missouri...and I won't move to where it is.