Thursday, January 31, 2013

Panties-wetting liberal pussies

They just do not belong anywhere near an elementary school.  For one thing, they don't seem to have a firm sense of right and wrong--everything, including disruptive behavior, is acceptable. 

Oh.  Right.  Except for normal boys' toys.  Like guns.  Those are unacceptable.  Even when they're made of clear plastic, and can in no way be mistaken for the real thing.

The school board in this case is so gutless that they'll expel a six-year-old girl without recourse, and without explaining what's going on to her, or why they're kicking her out. 

I am so angry for this child--a child who has been banned from interacting with her friends on school grounds, going on much-anticipated school trips, and even being in the car when her parents go pick her siblings up--that I could quite easily go on a rampage with a frozen trout. 

And I would be willing to bet that not one of those school administrators or teachers would have a clue what to do, or be willing or able to stop me from beating them over the head with it. 


  1. Who ever made the decision to 'ban' this little girl
    has the mental disease called LACK OF COMMON SENSE!!