Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More on the printer...

It's interesting watching this thing print double-sided.  It spits the page out, printed on the bottom side of the paper, then sucks it back, and spits it back out with the other side printed. 

The cats are freaked right the fuck out.  The pixie thinks it's neat, but  it's noisy, and not letting her hear her DVD.

Another excellent function is the toner saver setting.  With the inkjet printer we had that had a draft setting that printed light to save ink, it printed so light that you almost couldn't read the document.  The laser printer's setting is much better--the printed lines in the letters are narrower, but just as dark, and just as easy to read. 

I think I love this printer.  Especially since it's no longer dependent on the desktop being on, or dependent on a "shared printer" setting that doesn't work anymore. 

If you need a new printer, and you are considering a laser printer, I strongly recommend a Brother printer.  If you have more than one computer, and are planning on sharing the printer, I strongly recommend one of the models with the wireless capabilities. 

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