Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've been working on grading last weeks' busy work from my students, and found...that about a third of them are unable to read instructions before completing an assignment. 

One of the busy work assignments that I mind less than others calls for the students to read, summarize, then respond to something.  They're supposed to write the title as if it were a bibliographic entry. 

About a third of the twenty I've graded...haven't.  About two thirds of the rest have done it incorrectly, despite me telling them upfront to use easybib.com or knightcite.com for stuff like this. 

Can we just start telling freshmen that can't follow simple instructions to drop the fuck out of college because they're mouth-breathing speshul snowflake retards that need to spend some time in the real world?

I've still got about a quarter of my grading left to go--basically a few on this assignment from this class, and all of this assignment from the other class.  And the other class...is worse.


  1. And not being able to follow directions can be downright dangerous when a person gets to their upper-level lab science courses.

    We take a lot of flak for our intro level majors class being a "weeder" class, but really, weeding out the people who can't or won't follow directions is a GOOD thing. Especially since most of the folks in that class have dreams of medical or other professional schools....

    I would love for a "DTFO" clause for non-direction-following freshmen to exist.

    1. Blame it on my exhaustion from dealing with idiots, but..."DTFO"?