Monday, September 3, 2012

Now, that's racist.

And disgusting.  I mean, really--defining pass rates for NCLB by race?  As in: this many Asians, this many whites, this many Hispanics and this many blacks must pass for the school district to be graded acceptable by state guidelines. 

And the expected pass rate for blacks is lower than for whites

So, they expect less out of blacks and minorities than they do out of whites and Asians.  It's a soft form of racism, I'll admit, but expecting less out of a child means that the child will live down to the expectations.  They get, on an unconscious level (if they're lucky), that their teachers don't believe they're capable of a higher level of work, so they don't try to push past their current limits. Setting the bar so low teaches the kids that they're not worth the effort, that they shouldn't try.

Honestly, that's the most disgusting form of racism there is.


  1. "..Under the plan, Asian students are expected to achieve a higher pass rate on state exams than white students, while the state sets lower goals for Hispanic, black and special-education students..........."

    It will always be this way--you can't change genetics.

    1. It's less genetics and more cultural expectations. You can't change those without, you know, changing those, for everyone.

  2. I want to see the explanation (from the people in charge of this) as to how it's not racist to hold lower expectations for a certain group. I'm sure they have one but I'm betting it doesn't make much logical sense.