Saturday, March 31, 2012


Some stupid bint is trying to sue McDonald's for poor personal life choices she made. 

Okay, sweetheart, let's look at your case.  You were working at Mickey-D's as a cashier, when you started dating the franchise owner (strike one).  You claim he had you wrongfully fired (it happens, sometimes, when people don't want to look like they're playing favorites).  And then you say he started pressuring you to become a legal prostitute in Nevada. 

Fair enough.  I kind of see where you're coming from.  But sweetie?  It's still all on you

1.  What possessed you to think dating your boss's boss was a good idea?

2. Yeah, you were fired from your job as a McDonald's cashier.  What kept you from finding another job?

3. When your boss's boss had you fired and started pressuring you into being a whore, why did you stay with him?  And why the fuck did you marry him when he won the argument?

4. Last, but not least, how in the world can you think that your actions were not your fault?  You made the piss-poor choices ever step of the way, sweetheart.

Here's hoping the judge laughs you out of court, then orders you to pay McDonald's legal fees for being such a brainless, whiny twit.  

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