Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks, and Welcome

North of both North and The Gun Blog Black List clicked that follower button sometime today.  Thanks, and make yourself at home.  I've got cookies, chocolate cake with Bailey's flavored frosting (combination St. Pat's and my birthday), and coffee, tea (hot [orange, lemon, peppermint, catnip, Earl Grey, or plain ol' Liptons] or cold), cocoa, generic cola, bourbon, scotch, some Irish Creme, and Seagram's Dark Honey.  Tell me what you want to drink and/or snack on.


  1. North's good people. You'll be better for the company.

    1. Sure seems like it, from what I've had the chance to read. I've been short on blog-reading time lately, between my two little ones and my two classes of freshmen and my one class I'm a teaching assistant for.

      As always, I am humbly grateful to any who do click that follower button, and will return the favor when I get the chance (and a hand free). Right now, it's the kids' bedtime--first one, then the other.