Friday, March 30, 2012

FFOT: racist idiots

I've been working on finishing getting my house clean enough for my in-laws to visit, so I'm a bit too tired for the vitriol this deserves.  Doesn't mean my language is much better, just not as emphatic.

Racism, and the idiots that propagate it--Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, and every thug wannabe gangsta I've ever met, no matter what color they are?  Yeah, I mean you--can fuck off so hard their mommas will feel it and slap the dog shit out of them.  When this country goes down, and the sane, rational people of ever color rise up and hunt down your worthless asses, it isn't the white man's fault.  It's yours.  We are getting so fucking sick and tired of being branded as racists (and/or race traitors) because the majority of us don't fucking care for fucking criminal behavior, nor for the fucking criminals that behave that way.  Trayvon Martin, that used to mean you.  George Zimmerman is a perfect example of someone who's seen as non-white (despite having a white father and white name) who got sick of fucking criminals and fucking criminal behavior, and joined a neighborhood watch to do his best to try to curtail it. 

I'm fucking sick of being branded a fucking racist for fucking failing students I've never even fucking seen.  They don't do the work?  They fail the class.  If I've never fucking seen them, how the fuck am I supposed to know they're black?  I've seen white kids with black names, and I've seen white kids that write just like black kids talk. 

I'm really fucking angry because fucking somebody failed those kids, somebody was fucking racist in failing those kids, and the fucking way they went about it, those kids blame me for holding them to the same fucking standards that I fucking hold everybody to.  Not fucking holding some kids to the same fucking standards because, well, they're black (or Hispanic, or whatever), and they've been disadvantaged, and it wouldn't be fair, is fucking racist. 

So, yeah: racism, and the fucking fucktard fuckstick fuckknuckles that propagate it can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.


  1. I think the news media can FTFO for selectively choosing what are local crimes/local tragedies and turning them into nationwide spectacles. The news media can also FTFO for appealing to people's emotions more than to their brains. And Spike Lee can FTFO for being a turd and tweeting the alleged address of Zimmerman (presumably, hoping someone would take the guy out) and then it turned out to be a couple who were totally uninvolved in this mess.

    1. And did you see that Roseann Barr tweeted Zimmerman's parents' address? Yeah, she deleted it afterward, but doing it in the first place is as fucking reprehensible as what Lee did.

  2. H.H. You need to stop beating around the bush and come straight out and speak your mind.
    rolls eyes. I agree with you. Its OK for them to drop the N-bomb, we do it, all hell breaks lose. I was watching few episodes of Police women of Boward County, and the blacks in every show, through the biggest fit. They have the biggest chip on their shoulders. Some Latinos/Spanish do but not as bad as the blacks.

    1. Beating around the bush? Nah, I just clear cut the little bastards.

      It's the whole fucking culture that disgusts me. Look: if a black student is calling another black student that word, I will (and have) stepped in with a sharp word and an explanation of how it makes them look to non-thugs. Surprises the hell out of a lot of 'em, like they never even thought of how it makes 'em look. And likely enough, they haven't--it's not in the culture to think about consequences. You see it just as often in the bottom class of whites (the permanent underclass that expect their gubmint checks as their right for breathing, not the rest in the "lost my job, can't find a new one despite looking" category) as you do in the black thug culture. And it's disgusting, no matter where you find it.

      Sometimes I wish the whole "If you're breathing, you, too, can get a college degree and make money!!!" mentality had never come about.


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