Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sometimes, it's only about race because someone takes it that way.

With the flap about the Zimmerman/Martin thing, and the Shabazz comments about Detroit, it really seems like someone is trying to stir up some election year racial tension, probably in the hopes that the same dipshits that voted the black candidate in '08 will do so again this year. 

Given the complete lack of a difference in policy platforms between Obama and the current likely GOP candidate, they may well accomplish that, just so that said dipshits can congratulate themselves for not being racist*.   
In fact, some candidates are running on the platform of "Vote for me for U.S. Senate!!!  Because I'm black, and there aren't any black senators!!!  Despite the fact that blacks are 12% of population!!!  That's got to be racist, or some shit!!"

Okay.  He's right that there aren't any black senators; however, how many have gotten to the point where they could run?  Not many.  How many were proven to have bought votes to win the primaries?  (Jackson, anyone?)  How many are sufficiently divorced from the thug/gangsta culture that their records are clean enough to give them a chance to win?

How hard does the mainstream media work to tear down any who don't run on the plantation--er, Democrat ticket?

I won't speculate about who is really flogging racial tensions, or who's been behind a lot of the power plays in the early presidential game, but it's interesting that the only black GOP candidate was driven from the race before it really even started, and Obama doesn't have to run against another black man.

I am really tired of the whole "You're racist!!!1!eleventy-one!!" accuation toward anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies.  I am not racist.  I hate pretty much every politician out there, and I despise the thug culture that seems so prevalent, not just in black populations, but in white and Hispanic ones, too.

It is not about the color of their skin, but the content of their character (or lack thereof) that leads me to vote for--or against--someone.  Leave the color group identity politics out of it, you bloody racists.

*Little do said dipshits realize that voting for the black man because he's black is just as racist as voting against him because he's black.

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