Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's like this:

If the predators and scavengers can't tell the sheep from the sheepdogs, then the sheep are safer. How else do you explain why a record 6 million are licensed concealed carry holders, but a lot of the violent crime rates in states with castle doctrine and stand your ground laws have dropped? How else do you explain why the highest crime rates are in places that have the most stringent gun control laws? How else do you explain why so many mass shootings are in gun-free zones, like schools, universities, and hospitals?

Even the sheep understand this principle (for the most part). How else would you explain the poll numbers from MSNBC, where nearly 80% of respondents said they felt safer with licensed concealed carry holders in the crowd with them?

It seems simple to me. Too bad much of the country can't follow such a simple logic chain, even when it's explained to them.

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