Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not surprising.

Microsoft has proposed an internet usage tax to pay them back what they spend fixing the security holes in their flawed operating system. I am totally unsurprised. I'm also totally against it--not all browsers are Microsoft-based, and this says nothing about not taxing those that use, say, Firefox.

Then again, if that tax were laid only on Microsoft Explorer users, everybody else would switch to the better browser (not that Microsoft admits that they're only the biggest, not the best). If anything, I'd bet on some backroom dealing to make the taxes higher on those who use other browsers. After all, Microsoft works about as well, and about on the same levels of honesty, as the federal government.


  1. Colorado just passed legislation that would tax candy, soda pop AND INTERNET PURCHASES
    made by us Colorado folks.

    (Speaking of Firefox, I just dumped FF 3.6 and reinstalled FF 3.5.8--it has resolved many problems I was having with 3.6.)

  2. I haven't installed 3.6. I told the updater to go f*** itself.