Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I hate unions.

They may have served a valuable purpose when created, but unions have outlived their legitimate usefulness, and evolved into nothing more than corrupt, criminal gangs. Don't believe me?

Take a look at what teachers' unions are doing: the last thing that should be done in the LA school districts is shortening the school year. The kids aren't learning to read, write, or do basic math as it is.

Or here, take a look at the latest scam that the SEIU wants to perpetrate on us. Looks to me like it's now time to take your retirement savings and bury it in the back yard.

Any political action group that swears to lobby to make unions illegal would get my support. And any politician that caters to unions emphatically does not.


  1. Way back when, unions had a purpose.....

    Well, so do diapers on a baby but they eventually are no longer needed as the young child learns to take care of him/her self.......

  2. You're entirely right, my friend. And that was a really nice analogy: unions were created to deal with other people's shit, until they could learn to deal with their own.

  3. I have to agree, and I work for one. They create nothing but enmity between management and the workforce instead of a team environment. After I joined the union, I was disappointed because there wasn't even a tree-house for us all get together in and have our secret meetings and share our secret handshake. Geez, grow up.

    I agree that there was a time, but that time is long gone. I'd LOVE to find someone with balls enough to stand up to ANY union and kick them the hell out. That person would get my vote.

  4. Ironic?

    John & Robert Kennedy did and they both got whacked.........

  5. Good point. But what to do? The freakin' union is nothing but a national protection scam made legal by the government.

  6. I suspect that if congress tried to
    ban unions...we'd have a replay of all the health care reform crap!


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