Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never thought I'd hear an argument this lame.

Not even from High Priest Al Gore's crowd (which, incidentally, is far nuttier than the crowd following Scientology).

Seems that the Environmentalists are claiming that cocaine users are increasing global warming. According to the article, "for every few lines of cocaine snorted..., four square meters of rain forest is destroyed" to plant coca plants.

Rather than blame this on the drug users, why don't they blame the drug growers, and the pushers that addict the poor bastards to this particular drug? I mean, that's blaming the victim, not the criminal.

Wait...that's what political correctness does.


  1. Would this really be "global warming'' or would GLOBAL STONING be better!

  2. I think the Environmentalists would certainly *like* to stone those who "sin" against Mother Gaia...