Thursday, March 4, 2010

So arrogant.

A good number of Democrat revolutionaries have decided that, like Prohibition, they're going to force the sandstone dildo that is mandatory Medicaid up our collective national ass whether we like it or not. Because that's what's good for us, and we're too stupid to realize it.

Dear Leader has come right out and said that he plans to endorse use of the so-called "nuclear option" that the left screamed bloody murder about when Republicans mentioned that it was an option, and could be used, a few years ago. He's also trying to bribe undecided Democrats into following his agenda, even though it'd be the last thing they do in office. He says that the ends justify any means, up to and including the abuse of power that he's perpetrating on us.

The thing is, they're willing to sacrifice all to fully push this country into total dependence on the government. They're willing to sacrifice all now, in exchange for the absolute power they can grab once the economy and structure of this country has fractured to the point that the people can be convinced that it'll take a naked power-grab by the federal government to re-shape and re-build the country, and get it going in the socially correct direction.

Never mind that that socially correct direction has failed, miserably, everywhere else that it's been tried. And never mind that the voters will never go for it. Never mind that they're laying the tinder that the least little spark will set alight for another, bloodier Civil War than the one that was fought over states' rights with slavery as the topic out front.

And never mind that the competent parts of the U.S. military won't be fighting on the side of the current federal government. The correct path lies at their feet, and their false gods of socialism (both national and transnational), environmentalism, and political correctness will help them force the rest of us into the paths they choose for us, regardless of our ability to resist. Their gods are on their side, after all.

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