Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good reason to repeal Chicago's gun ban.

A home invasion killed three in one of Chicago's suburbs.

I don't answer the door to someone I don't know. And I have a gun in the room with me at all times, because my neighborhood isn't the best. I've never had to use it, but I am fully prepared to--the police department is a few minutes away, and there's no telling how quickly they could get here. They'd probably get here in time to either haul away the crying, cringing, perp on the floor, or clear away a body.

The family in Chicago did not have their God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to defend themselves because the politicians are more focused on keeping criminals safe than allowing the law-abiding to protect themselves without relying on government services.


  1. They need to move to Colorado--
    we have lots of home invasions where the invaders end up dead!

    We support our MAKE MY DAY LAW and exercise it.

  2. Cool. Illinois is one of the least free states in the midwest. Most of the rest of us have the same type of law protecting the victims instead of the criminals.