Thursday, March 18, 2010

He believes in you.

In Constantine, one of the exchanges between two of the characters (more memorable than the actress's character's name) went something like this (about 1:04-1:08):

The Vatican's lead exorcist says that many in many churches have fallen into a disbelief of the devil, allowing the devil free reign within their hearts, leading to such evils within the church as pedophilia.

They may have stopped believing in the devil--some simply don't believe a just and merciful God could permit the devil to lead people into sin and damnation, nor that He could permit something as awful as hell to exist in the first place.

God is just. Just as we, here on earth, punish those who break the law with incarceration, He punishes those who break the Law with eternal exile from His presence, with the Fallen as his wardens, and the shame of our own sins as a burning humiliation. That is, that's what would be for all, were it not for one thing: God truly is a merciful God. If He weren't, if He hadn't sent His son, there would be not one of us that was not headed in that direction.

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