Friday, March 5, 2010

This ain't right.

Unemployment rates are higher than they've been reported. That 9.7% they've been citing? Yeah, that doesn't count those who are discouraged and have quit looking, nor those that are working two or more part-time jobs to make ends meet, nor yet those who'll be shit out of luck once the census is done. According to other measures, the real unemployment rate (which still doesn't count census workers) is around 16.8%. Something tells me that after April, that number is going up. Especially with the extensions of unemployment payments and the new, punishing taxes the government is planning to implement that will likely hit small businesses harder than they will large corporations.

And here's another thing that really irritates me about government figures: they don't report that government workers get paid higher salaries than equivalent private sector workers. And get far better benefits. Which won't be taken away from them if mandatory Medicaid gets forced up our collective ass.

This is symptomatic of a government that wants to be the ony business in town.


  1. H,

    Here's the problem.

    The calculation rationale is bogus to begin with.

    Very important: Everybody should read and understand this government link on the process......

  2. Good luck on understanding it!