Thursday, March 11, 2010


A woman in England had been in and out of the hospital for nine months with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. On her last visit, she was told she was about three months pregnant, and sent home. Three hours after that, she gave birth to a nearly-nine pound baby.

I don't know if the incompetence was just stupid staff, or if it was a staff winnowed down and made careless by too much work concentrated on too few people, but to miss a pregnancy for the entire nine months? Wow. That's a whole new definition of the term "oblivious."


  1. Chances are if she didn't know she was pregnant, she doesn't know how you get pregnant!

    "Surprise pregnancies'' POP OUT
    in the news quite often.

  2. She said she suspected, but the doctors didn't even act like it was a possibility.