Monday, May 20, 2013

Wanna know why I carry a gun?

I carry a gun so that I am not taken hostage by a career criminal, then shot in the head by a police officer. 

I carry a gun because I'm a better shot than a lot of cops I know personally, and because it's my responsibility to protect and care for myself. 

I carry a gun because I'm far more motivated to protect my own life (as well as not shoot myself) than any police officer can be.

I carry a gun because it's up to me to protect my children, and to teach my children to be self-reliant.

I carry a gun because, in my opinion, I'd be a shit mother if I didn't.

I feel for the parents of the girl who was killed by the cop when he missed the target.  I feel for the cop, and hope he gets effective help for the self-hate he's facing if he's anything approaching a good person. 

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