Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Street light off?"

Last night, we had a heck of a storm.  Couple of days early--we're supposed to start March with these things, not have 'em before the end of February. 

In any case, this part of town lost power for a couple of hours, and the imp got woke up by wind gusts, rain hitting his window hard, and basically outdoor noise that was no longer masked by the fan of his small space heater. 

That wasn't what bothered him, though.  He grinned and giggled and said "Wind blow.  Trees blow, trees dance.  Rain up in air."  Then, he noticed that the street light wasn't on.  That scared him.  And he wouldn't go back to sleep, not even after I took him back to snuggle in bed between Mommy and Daddy.  After he found out the street light was off, he started asking if there would be a tornado.  And he would not settle and go to sleep.  I wound up reading Kipling's "The Elephant's Child" from his Just So Stories out loud to the imp,while we listened for weather alerts on the battery-powered shower radio that the imp got for his daddy two years ago for Father's Day. 

After the power came back on, and after I showed the imp that the street light was back on, we finally got him back to sleep.  However, after the two hours or so awake, last night, he was really sluggish this morning about getting ready to go to his paternal grandparents' to spend today and tonight.  We had to call and push back the pick up by half an hour.

Ironically enough, the pixie slept through the whole thing.  Usually, she's the one that wakes at the slightest change in background noise. 

Poor baby imp.  So scared by such a small thing as an expected light not being on.  And he was so sweet and snuggly.


  1. All sorts of weather about up here as well lastnight and today. We are having a heck of a snow storm here - wind gusts up to 42 MPH. Of course, since our summer's 140 MPH blow, everyone gets the jitters with heavy wind. I am very ready for warm, green and sun!!

    1. Last summer, Joplin got hit by the mega tornado. We were in the next town over, and when we got home, we had no phone, internet, or cable--just radio. Other than that, we were about two or three miles north of ground zero, and had no other inconveniences.

      But he knew something really bad had happened--he was very quiet and shocked when we finally did go through the destroyed zone about a week after the storm. I think he still remembers it, at least a little.

  2. Poor kid. I remember being terrified a tornado would come when I was a kid, too (but older than your imp; I think I was influenced by coverage of the horrible 1974 mass tornado outbreak).

    1. Once I explained that it was just wind and rain, he was cool--until he noticed the street light was out. It's been a pretty stable constant for almost all of his life--definitely all he can remember.


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