Monday, February 27, 2012

'Bout time someone did this.

A Christian church in Nigeria got car bombed by Islamotards.  One seems to have gotten away, and the other was killed when he didn't jump free in time. 

Only, he wasn't killed by his bomb.  Nope, the Nigerian Christians turned out to not be the "turn the other cheek" type, and beat the fucker to death

The uncivilized barbarians that worship the pedophile that started their religion are incapable of understanding civilized responses.  They think civilized responses demonstrate weakness on the part of the individual responding to their barbaric provocations.  The only thing that Islamotards are capable of understanding is reprisal: for every one of ours killed, ten of theirs need to die. 

Or, at the very least, let the survivors of attacks beat the perpetrators to death a bit more often. 


  1. Unfortunately, it took hundreds of Christians to die there in Nigeria before they got tired of it. This has been going on awhile and no MSM is picking the story up. It has to be the Christian killing "poor innocent goat molesters" before it gets reported over here.

  2. The lamebrain media didn't pick that story up, either, to my knowledge. I didn't find it on any websites other than Beck's conglomerate, at any rate.


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