Monday, February 27, 2012

Need more reasons to home school?

Try this.  I don't have a problem with a school handing out Tylenol and band-aids; however the HPV vaccine has not proved as safe as other vaccines, and any school that goes behind a parent's back to make sure a child gets a vaccine that the parent didn't approve obviously has another agenda in mind. 

Or this.  Granted, it happened in Canada, but I could easily see this happening in, oh, say, Detroit or St. Louis, or Kansas City, or pretty much any city run by estrogen-excreting, hyperventilating, anti-gun pussies in this country.

Or this.  Sorry, but the little shits involved either as active or passive participants need to be arrested and charged as adults (manslaughter, at least), not interviewed. 

Or this.  Seriously, I'm not sure teaches would be able to bring themselves to shoot one of their students; however the option should be there to protect other students.  GUN-FREE ZONES = TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENTS for criminals (and sadly, a goodly number of public school students in the high school age bracket are criminals).

These stories reinforce my decision to home school the imp and the pixie.  At the very least, we will be looking into our local Catholic private school--out of the three K-12 private schools in our town, it has the highest academics with the least amount of political brainwashing BS (the non-religious private school in town turns out students really strong in academics, but really weak in critical thinking skills--and costs more than our regional state universities in tuition).


  1. I have plenty of reasons to homeschool. What I lack is income

  2. We don't have a lot of income, either, but my half of it is at least earned from home, so at least we have the flexibility to do what needs to be done.

    I only worry that, when the time comes, I may find I lack patience.

  3. That's another thing I lack... DW seems better at it, but neither she nor I can really work from home.

  4. I will admit that there were definite reasons behind me earning my MA in English...even if I'd been teaching on campus, as a part-time instructor, I'd be required to be on campus only 11 hrs/week--which would permit costs to be kept down, and given us more options with regards to their education.

    Needless to say, teaching online is far better where child rearing is concerned, even if it's not where my sanity (or now-complete lack thereof) is concerned.

  5. I'm glad I didn't let the government indoctrinate my kids.

    1. Catholic School?


      My Dad (He was not Catholic) was pressured by his very Catholic family to stick me in a Catholic school at grade 1.

      I struggled thru grade 4 and we moved to the country and I got my freedom in public school!

      All I remember about the 4 years, were the nuns shoving their religion up my ass!

    2. Duke, I don't plan to let the govt indoctrinate my kids, whether that means home schooling or finding I don't have the patience and sending them to private school.

      OCM, believe it or not, I actually did consider that. And I've looked into it. I found that the local Catholic school has minimal religious indoctrination. I've had several dozen students that graduated from it, and they were of all different denominations. Our public schools are the ones shoving the government's version of religion (environmentalism, secular humanism, and any religion not Christianity) up our students' asses, today.


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