Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, crap.

As y'all know, I was sick yesterday, so I fell behind on my housework and my grading.  With as much grading as I have, that was a really bad idea--I have the teaching assistant-type grading I do for a colleague's literature class, a set of discussion board threads on my Comp I class site, a class full of Comp I blogs, and one of Comp II blogs. 

I may be caught up enough by the time the kids go to bed to get caught back up on housework.  Maybe.

Pray for my sanity. 


  1. Gotcher back on the prayer,HH. Sure hope you're feeling better cause I miss you when you're gone :)

  2. Thanks, Rue. I'm feeling much better, now.

    TinCan Assassin...I'd send you some if I had any left. I'll be posting about it in a few.

    Lord, I need some range time. Wish I had a good, reliable babysitter I could trust, because I miss going shooting with Odysseus, instead of trading off trigger time with kid-watch duties.

    Time for a drink.


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