Thursday, February 2, 2012

Running on little sleep...

I wish politics was as simple as potty training a toddler.

1. Convince the people that somebody needs to be sent home.  ("Do you have to pee-pee?"  "NO!"  "Are you sure?  If you go pee-pee, you get candy."  "Candy?  PEE-PEE!")

2. Vote out the individual in question.  ("Mama, POOP!  Dump poop?"  "Yes, son, we'll dump the poop."  "Flush poop?"  "Yes son, you can flush the poop.")

3.  Politician disappears, never to be active in politics again.  ("Bye bye, poop...Mama, poop hiding.  Hiding in toilet.")

Sadly, in politics, it's far more common that the turds just don't flush.


  1. Although I think politicians have themselves used a version of "If you go pee-pee, you'll get CANDY" for years...

  2. Yeah, you got a point, there. It works for dogs and toddlers, why not for adults with a toddler's thought processes?

  3. .....just keep your hands clean......

    (An excellent post!)

  4. *snerk* It's easier to keep my hands clean with the potty chair than changing diapers and dodging flailing legs...