Friday, February 17, 2012

FFOT: Nanny-state, cradle-to-grave, pseudo-parental government

Government that thinks they know better than we do what's best for us, in everything from what we're allowed to eat, to what our children learn, to what we feed our children, to how we discipline our children, to whether or not we have to have a Cadillac health care plan, when we'd rather have a bare-bones Honda Civic plan and pay for the method of contraception of our choice (or not) and choose what's covered (or not), to what treatment we're allowed to have, can fuck off so hard that every other government in the fucking world can feel it.  I am so sick of the puritanical "we think that's bad for you, so we're going to legislate against it (or otherwise socially engineer against it)" attitude that I could spit.  Especially when "bad" is morally bad, when the fuckers don't have any fucking morals to begin with.

And I hope my glob of spit drowns some endangered bug, just to piss off some enviroweenie PETArd.  Because the EPA thinking they can get off telling American citizens what they can and can't do with their own private property--without even the courtesy of purchasing said property from the individual--can also fuck off.

I'm a little sick of the government, right now.  Especially after learning a bit more about Santorum earlier in the evening.  I am most definitely writing in Herman Cain in the general election.  Fuck this distinction without a difference that the lamebrain mainstream media has foisted upon us.


  1. SANTORUM is a bit scary on too many social issues......

    Any GOP vote, if not for the 'front
    runner", is a vote for Obama.


    I just got my flushing approval from the water company...GOT TO GO!

  2. And the insane thing is, what is deemed "good for us" this decade, may actually be very bad for us: the whole Eat No Fat EVER! hysteria that led to foods with fake-fat that gave people the runs, or foods loaded with HFCS to make them taste acceptable...and then it turns out we need SOME fat to keep our brains functional.

    (There's also an interesting long-term study that suggests that long-life is more related to things like conscientiousness and engagement with life, rather than insane puritanical adherence to some crazy diet and exercise plan)

  3. It isn't just the social stuff, OCM--right now, I'm way more worried about the fiscal. But yeah, Santorum appears to be a huge big nanny-state government guy.

    Ricki--exactly. Eggs are bad for us because of cholesterol, but now they're good for us? Carbohydrates are evil? That's fuel. Um...cutting out a whole food group is going to cause bodily function problems.

    I'm really sick of the whole mindset that lives in terror that somewhere, somebody is enjoying life.

  4. SANTORUM is a bit scary on too many social issues......

    WTF, Obama is a WHOLE LOT scary on ALL the issues. I know who my choice would be in the election. BTW, don't be fooled by the media who would love to paint Santorum as a wacko.
    Side note, who's views do you think would match up more with the founding fathers, Santorum or Obama. The republican will be a president Obama acts like a dictator.

  5. I'm not so sure that there is a difference between any of the Republican candidates and what is currently in the Oval Office now. I'm really disgusted with all of the "options" on offer, and with the media that has given us such a "choice."

  6. Is that why my trigger finger twitches when someone says, "You can't DO THAT!"

    I just wanna say, "Watch me."

  7. Pretty much, TinCan. Pretty much. Except I don't say "watch me," because I'd really rather they didn't.

  8. Bears repeating:Any GOP vote, if not for the 'front
    runner", is a vote for Obama.

    Let's ponder 2012.....

    Who would the dummycrats run
    IF Obama did not?

  9. So long as there's an opposition congress with a solid enough majority (as there will be after November), Obama can't do much harm.

    Pressure on a Republican congress to "go along" with what same shit, different color wants just because he's a Republican president can be what drives the final nails into the coffin of our once-great nation.


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