Friday, February 3, 2012

FFOT: for Stephen (nearly no language)

Overly-pessimistic medical staff can FTFO.  When my imp was born, eight weeks early, doctors told me I wouldn't be able to take him home until his due date.  The nurses told me more honestly that he'd have to meet certain standards of growth, and there'd be advances and setbacks, but that it was entirely possible he'd be able to come home sooner than the beginning of December. 

Stephen, of Standing Outside Looking In, has been in the hospital for a while, now--untreated puncture wound getting infected, then getting gangrene (treatable, but painful), so he can use prayers from anyone who prays, and good, healing thoughts from the rest of us--and has a way to go.  A doctor recently told him he's got three months before he'll be totally better. 

That can FTFO.  Yes, it's going to be a long and painful road, but that long?  I doubt it, not with all of the loving family he's got, and all of the friends he's got both in real life and online, praying for him.

I understand that the docs are trying not to get our hopes up, but I think that's as damaging to recovery as expecting too much of ourselves while we're sick.  I think doctors need to remember that most of us don't have the same kind of expertise that lets them tell when another doctor is feeding them a line of bull while they're sick, and give us a more realistic timetable, as well as the worst case scenario.

I wonder if it's also partially motivated by a fear of lawsuits?

The other FO I had for his sake will be resolved tonight: they hadn't let his beautiful and angelic five year old granddaughter do more than poke her head in for a couple of minutes.  Tonight they get a good visit that includes a good, long hug.


  1. Thank you, my sweet friend. Tonight she gets to spend a few hours...I'll probably melt.

  2. F-Yeah to that! And am I right in interpreting your most recent post to mean that you're home?

  3. It feels petty for me to complain about other stuff when people have real medical problems, but heck,I guess we can all be petty now and then.

    What can FTFO for me this week? People who never lift a finger to help in situations (e.g., volunteer work) but then sit back and amply criticize the people who ARE trying to do some good.

  4. Definitely, on that one. As well as people who moan and complain about their lives, but when offered real solutions, give excuses about how that won't work for their particular case, or how they could never leave a family member that needed them, or how they couldn't afford to live anywhere else.